A Walk Around World Showcase for the Epcot Festival of the Holidays

We recently enjoyed a nice evening at the Epcot Festival of the Holidays and wanted to share some photos from the festival with all of you.


We started in Canada about an hour before sunset and worked our way around the lagoon counter clockwise. Along the way, we stopped for a fine dinner at Monsieur Paul which I will be posting a review on sometime in the near future.


I am going to keep my commentary very limited here. All photos were taken during regular operating hours and shot by hand. This is the reason you won’t see any landscapes really after dark.

I hope you enjoy!


The gardens are an underrated area of the UK Pavillion. There is hardly ever anyone back there but they are quite lovely.




Morocco doesn’t have much going on for Christmas, understandably so, but its still one of our favorite pavilions in all of World Showcase.


We really enjoy Restaurant Marrakesh.


These fountains never disappoint either.



We had dinner before moving on to Japan, hence the drastic change to darkness.


Japan and China did not have much up for the Christian holiday either.


But you can meet Santa in the America pavilion throughout the day.


The Candlelight Processional was in between shows. The dining package line stretched all the way back to the Morocco Pavillion. Standby reached Germany in the other direction. No way folks at the end of that line were getting in.


We love the little train village in Germany.


We really just love the German pavilion in general, especially at Christmastime.


Norway was decked out nicely, as was Mexico.


Its not a good quality photo at all, but I really like this Coco display in the picture below.


And now making our way back towards the park entrance.



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